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The Labour Party Manifesto 2017

A big part of being the leader of a political party is that you meet people across the country and hear a wide range of views and ideas about the future. For me, it’s been a reminder that our country is a place of dynamic, generous and creative people with massive potential. Help us deliver a manifesto for a better, fairer Britain. Jeremy Corbyn


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I go to parliament to be a mouthpiece for my constituents and class

Laura Pidcock

There aren’t many MPs who use their maiden speech to say the House of Commons “reeks of the establishment and power”.

But then Laura Pidcock, who has been elected as the new Labour MP for North West Durham, has not made it to Parliament to play it safe.

Momentum R/MS/EC – Contact our Team

We aim to build a strong Pro-Corbyn group to tackle the Tories, contact our team and pledge your support.


John Haw, Chair Momentum RMSEC

John Haw


John Taylor, Secretary, Data Manager

John Taylor


Darcie Shepherd, Vice Chair, Key Contact RMSEC

Darcie Shepherd

Vice Chair

Sheila Argument, Vice Chair, Trainer RMSEC

Sheila Argument

Vice Chair

Maureen Taylor, Treasurer – Momentum RMSEC

Maureen Taylor

  • 14.09.17

    Owen Jones pledges to take down Teesside’s only Tory MP

    Owen Jones, Simon Clarke, Teesside
  • 25.08.17

    Britain’s largest communications union to affiliate to Momentum

    CWU, Momentum
  • 10.08.17

    Arch-Blairite John McTernan joins Momentum

  • 09.08.17

    Momentum training activists in how to win marginal seats

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  • 06.08.17

    Labour MP says Momentum ‘not needed to win election’

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  • 10.05.14

    Universal credit shake-up will send poor families to food banks for Christmas

    DWP, Universal Credit

Upcoming Campaigns

Thank You Campaign MSEC Constituents

Thank You Campaign MSEC Constituents

It’s just as important to thank people for VOTING as well as asking them to in the first place……So #TeamTracyHarvey are currently delivering Thank You cards to ALL Middlesbrough...
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To transform Labour into a modern, grassroots, member-led party with a transformative, socialist programme, we need all Labour members to get active in their local party. GETTING INVOLVED IN...


Labour Party Conference is the biggest gathering of Labour members every year, and the ultimate decision making body of the party. After a surge in membership numbers under Jeremy Corbyn’s...
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  • @momentum_rmsec RT @ParkerCiccone: Far-right violence is on the rise. Where is the outrage? theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

  • @momentum_rmsec RT @IanLaveryMP: Once again @jeremycorbyn leading from the front. Let’s see how serious the others might be. pic.twitter.com/Sd4y7Hg8w0

  • @momentum_rmsec RT @SalmaYaqoob: Excellent piece re psychological toll of having sense of belonging undermined. It’s a fundamental human need, not just BAM…

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  • @momentum_rmsec RT @FromSteveHowell: Corbyn won more votes in 2017 (12.9m) than: Cameron in 2015 (11.3m) & 2010 (10.7m) Blair in 2005 (9.5m). He's LOTO…

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